Local islands in the Maldives offer a taste of paradise that will make all your dreams come true.
You will find your own “treasure”.


Play in the ocean

Needless to say, one of the best things to do in the Maldives is spending time in the sea. Swimming in the crystal clear turquoise water is absolutely a magical experience!


Maldives by kayak

Grab a paddle and see more from kayak! We run fully guided kayaking trips  for  every skill level. You will experience timeless tranquility with relaxing scene. 


Cultural discovery

We take you to lesser-known islands. You can see some unique sceneries that don’t see in other area but in local islands. Immerse yourself in island living! 


Eat like a local

You can try some local foods during your stay in the island. There are traditional sweets and finger foods that are only available in the local islands.


Meet with the locals

If you want to meet locals when traveling, local island is the best place to visit. You will get a picture of their life style and culture while strolling around the island.